Auto-BF (Version 7)

The Auto-BF Betfair Bot, is one of the most advanced automated betting software solutions for UK horse-racing on the Betfair platform. Our solution works in conjunction with the MarketFeeder Pro software which is required to run our trigger-files. Auto-BF was launched in 2006, as was the industry's first "set & forget" fully automated Betfair Trading solution.

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Unlike most of the other Betfair trading systems on the market, which are complex and difficult to understand, and require you to program in your own betting strategies, our platform is incredibly simple to use. You can simply tell it how much profit you want to make on the UK horse racing markets, (the bigger the amount you specify, the greater the level of risk to your betting bank) and it will start trading on the Betfair betting exchange without any further intervention required.

Just a few of the benefits of using our software include:

• Auto-BF makes instant real-time calculation adjustments, reacting to the ever-changing odds on the Betfair betting exchange, and auto betting on your behalf

• Auto-BF's default betting strategy takes into account the amount of profit you wish to make together with any previous losses you are wish to recover, whilst simultaneously accounting for the Bet fair commission

• Auto-BF allows you to safely bet less than the £2 minimum, using its automated "back-then-lay" strategy. Most other betting systems do not automatically do this

• Auto-BF does not get tired - It can trade whilst you are away from your PC - It can even trade whilst you sleep!

• Auto-BF does not require the user to have any knowledge of programming, mathematical formulas, or betting strategies

• Auto-BF can be set to automatically email you as each bet is placed - Unlike other horse racing systems, Auto-BF can keep you updated throughout the day or whilst you are on holiday!

This simply would not be possible without the aid of Auto-BF.

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